Silesian Centre for Environmental Radioactivity

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Plac Gwarkow 1
40-166 Katowice
tel/fax 032 259 2295


  • Radioactivity in solid samples (sediments, building materials, soil, wastes, biological, etc.)
  • Radioactivity in liquid samples (drinking water, mine water, etc.)
  • Radioactive pollution of air
  • Dosimetry (indyvidual and environmental)
  • Radon in soil and air
  • Expertise

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Radiometria Silesian Centre for Environmental radioactivity in the Central Mining Institute (GIG) is the R&D unit, responsible for the monitoring of natural radioactivity and radioactive pollution at workplaces, in the natural environment and in dwellings. Our scope of available services is following: measurements of concentration of natural and artificial radionuclides in different samples, dosimetry of ionizing radiation, radon measurements in soil and air, monitoring of radon decay products in air (potential alpha energy concentration). Additionally we are able to perform the aerosols' size distribution measurements, also for nano-particles.
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akredytacja pca The staff of Centre is a highly skilled team of scientists and technicians. Therefore we are able to provide our clients the best possible service. Our laboratory has an implemented QA/QC system since 1993 (Polish Centre of Accreditation PCA certificate number AB 005), which we received as the first radiometric laboratory in Poland. Co-operation with outstanding Polish, European and worldwide research partners leads to a continuous improvement of our capabilities and skills of our staff. Laboratory is a unit of the Central Mining Institute, in which an integrated management system has been implemented, accordingly to requirements of ISO Standard PN-EN ISO 9001, confirmed by Polish Centre of Research and Certification (PCBC) no. JBS-54/6/2012

monitoring radiacyjny kraju Centre is a part of the system of radioactive pollution monitoring in Poland. Being a "Specialized Unit" Laboratory is responsible for continuous monitoring of radioactive nuclides in the above-the-ground layer of the atmosphere. It is done within the early warning network for nuclear accident, supervised by Polish Atomic Energy Agency. The additional activity within the frame of this network is routine monitoring of drinking water samples and food, as well as participation in proficiency tests. more >>>

iaea Centre is a member of "ALMERA" Network (Analytical Laboratories for the Measurement of Environmental Radioactivity). This network has been established by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the year 1995. The goal of that network is to find and link laboratories from different countries and continents, having capabilities of making reliable and quick measurements of radioactive pollution in case of emergency more >>>